Monday, December 2, 2013

Rest in Peace Ginger

Some birds are just destined to be VERY special and Ginger was one of those.  She was on of my original four that I brought home just over three years ago.  And she will always be one of my most special hens.

I learned a TON from Ginger.  More than any book will ever teach me.  For the most part, she was an adorable chicken.  But she did have her moments where she tested my patients.  One of her nicknames was Sunday Dinner.  But I would NEVER!

Below are just a few of my favorite photos of her.  Rest in peace my sweet Ginger.  We miss you terribly.

Ginger was a princess.  Never had a feather out of place.  Even when she molted, you could never tell.  This is the dirtiest photo I have of her with one little spot on her beak.

Selfie with my buddy.  She's in the middle of her molt here.  No tail feathers.  If it were not for that, you wouldn't be able to tell she was molting.

Her safe spot under the coop where she'd spend most of the day.  Again, look at those feathers.  Not a single one out of place.

She could also be the biggest pill in the world.  Here, she's viciously gone after Honey who's gone broody again.  I really dislike pinless peepers but they DO work.

Here she's discovered an easier way to smooth out the feathers on her back.

She HATED change.  Here I've left the coop clean out door open and she was not happy about this.

She was an ADORABLE baby.  I mean ADORABLE!!!

She never went though that awkward phase as her feathers came in.  She was always just adorable.

She's probably three or four days old in this photo.  Just a ball of downey fluff.

She LOVED her coop.  She would frequently go inside to explore while the other hens were out in the run.

Nap time in the sun always made her yawn.

Do you see a feather out of place?  Dirt on her beak?  She was a princess all the way through.  If I let her be a house chicken, I have no doubt she would have in a heart beat.

Here she's about 3, maybe 4 months old.  She always loved treats.  Course, what chicken doesn't.

She also loved to be up on my shoulder.  She would just jump up there.

Ah, a nap in the sun with my original four.

And one of my favorite photos.  Honey has hopped up first and Ginger (in the middle) was right behind her.  Ginger is taking turns pecking at Honey (in my arms) and Sugar (closest to my knees) trying to get them to get off of HER lap.  She never wanted to share me.


  1. :( Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about Ginger xx
    RIP little lovely xxx

  2. What a lovely tribute for a beautiful girl. I did something similar when I lost Treacle (my only loss so far and I hope it stays that way for a very long time), I only had her for eight months and she had only been laying for a couple months so only just grown up really. Knowing how I missed her and how upset I was, I can imagine just how you feel. Treacle too, liked to sit on my shoulder. It's lovely that we have so many photos to add to our memories.

  3. Thank you Rachy and Carol. The only good thing here was that we knew for a while she wasn't well and it gave us lots of time to hold her, hug her and say our goodbyes before it was time to let her go. I'm still so bummed that she's gone. But her memory will live on in our hears forever.

  4. I am so sorry for the loss of your lovely sweetie. They capture our hearts in an instant but stay fondly in our memories forever. Saying goodbye is always hard but is it best when we can have the time to love them before they go. I know you are grieving her loss and you will for a while. I still get teary-eyed some days from missing Lulu and it has been over 4 months now. Be gentle with yourself and remember her good times through your tears and sadness. Take care. Hugs