Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No worms

The vet just called.  The girls do not have worms.

You'd think I'd be elated to hear this but I was really hoping that they did.  It would explain this random behavior change.  Spice seemed a bit better last night.  But now Ginger seems off.  And hasn't laid an egg since we put Sugar down.  Could she be mourning?  She always pecked at the Bunkies so I assumed she didn't like them.  But perhaps she really did love them?

The vet seems most concerned w/ her panting in the afternoon and not the morning and asked that I bring Spice inside where it's cool to see what she does.  So I'll give that a try.  But I really don't think that's it.  I mean, Sugar was panting and I brought her to the vet's office where it was nice and cool and we were there for hours and she only panted and wheezed harder.

But I'll give it a try.  Can't do any harm.  Sugar was full of fluid that was compressing her lungs.  That's why she was wheezing.  And when I give Spice a squeeze she feels fuller than she should and she screams at me and tenses up like it's painful.

I really feel the wheezing is a secondary effect of the "real" issue.  What ever that may be.

So I'm going to just let this ride for a while and see what pans out.  I really don't know what else to do.  I'm still beating myself up for not sending Sugar to UC Davis.  I will always regret that decision.


  1. I am just wondering if this is gape worm. I have been following blogs and learning about chickens for the past couple of years and have read about it. The egg's are picked up from worms and snails and the larva end up in the trachea. The symptoms are gaping and wheezing or gurgling. The treatment is Flubenvet. You could look on google. I am no expert but hope this might be helpful. Good luck.

  2. It's not gape worm. I recognize those symptoms. What's weird here is that the wheezing is the most obvious symptom, but it's not because of something in their lungs. Sugar was full of fluid that was compressing her lungs making it difficult to breath. What is causing them to fill up with fluid?

  3. I thought I might have been on to something then, sorry. Another good source for help is the "Down the Lane" forum. They are really good for all sorts of advice. When my sons chicken was ill, he found them really helpful. Did you try contacting Terry at hen Cam? She has so much knowledge of all things chicken. Hope things improve soon, I will be waiting for any news and thinking of you.

  4. I did contact Terry and she had some great ideas. But there just are some things that are not lining up. I did just have a long conversation w/ both vets who had a radiologist read the xrays and they feel VERY strongly that her egg laying equipment wasn't working right. And I really felt that was the case based on all kinds of symptoms that didn't match up. But the fact that another bird could be going that way is very concerning. BUT that said, they did come from the same hatchery and could very well be blood line related.

    Anyway, let me process all this and I promise to continue to blog. It's going to be very sad if I lose another bird but I'm also big believer that there's a reason for everything.

  5. I have always admired your positive spirit, I have followed you from "Tillys Nest" Tour de Coup, which gave me the motivation and inspiration to create a similar set up for myself. I should have commented before but was put off by my lack of knowledge to do so. I now felt moved by your current plight to overcome my lack of technical know how and get to grips with communicating with you. I have so felt for all your frustrations and also jubilations. "Coco knows her name" being one of the wonderful posts.

  6. Carol, Thank you so much for your kind words. If it wasn't for the kind words from others, I don't think I'd have the courage to go on after some of the stuff I've had to deal with. Tonight, the girls look good. Spice wasn't wheezing at all. But no eggs today. Hmmmm, just a random event? Or are they mourning their sweet Sugar? But we're going to just take it day to day over here and let nature take it's course. I promise to keep you posted.