Thursday, October 13, 2011

Think your chickens don't recognize you? Think again!

Check out this adorable video.  I know, it's of a goose and not a chicken.

I will admit, earlier this year, I wasn't so convinced that my own chickens recognized me as opposed to any person who came out to say hello and bring them treats.  They just don't show emotion like dogs with their wagging tails or cats with their meow-meow-meow.

But that all changed when I took Coco to the vet earlier this year.  Coco was never a lap chicken.  She doesn't like to be touched or held.  But she'll let me pick her up.  And you can tell she doesn't like it, but is merely tolerating it.

So at the vet's office, I had her up on the table but right next to me so I could stroke her to keep her calm.  But when the vet tried to pick her up, she took flight, did one lap around the room and very deliberately landed in my arms burying her head in my shoulder.  It was very obvious, she wanted nothing to do with the vet and that she trusted me.

Ginger will also very willingly run into my out stretched arms for me to scoop her up.  She doesn't do that for anyone else.

So for those who think their chickens don't recognize them, I beg to differ.


  1. Interesting... I've wondered that too, but it's obvious that Coco recognized and trusted you.

  2. @Rebecca, Yea, and maybe it's different when you just have a few hens and you really spend time w/ them but I KNOW my girls recognize me.