Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Planted 9 Fruit Trees

Nine?!?  Where on earth do you have room to plant nine trees, you ask?  Well, thanks to this modern world we live in, we only planted two trees.  One is grafted with five fruits and the other with four.

The peach x2/nectarine/plum/apricot is in the foreground and the cherry x4 is in the background.

They've been creating these trees for many years now but it took some time to perfect the technique.  In the past, you'd have the dominate fruit take over the tree.  So even though you planted a tree with multiple grafts, you'd only get one fruit.  But that is no longer an issue.

The trees are grafted with complimentary fruits onto one root stock so the tree self polinates itself.  One tree will produce apricots, nectarines, plums and two kinds of peaches.  The second tree will produce four different types of dark cherries.  And the coolest thing, is that they will all ripen at different times.  So we should have fruit over a long period of time throughout the summer.

Provided, the squirrels don't get all the fruit!!!

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