Friday, February 25, 2011

New Sand Box

Check out the girl's new sand box!

I had created a dust bath area for the girls in a corner of their run but they kept kicking it full of leaves and rocks.  I was trying to come up with a better solution because they were encroaching on their eating area and starting to create some huge craters.

I subscribe to a few news groups of chicken owners and some of these people are so clever.  I just love the fact that they can find a use for just about anything one might have lying around.  Granted, I didn't have this tire lying around, but I asked if anyone had an old one they wanted to get rid of and bingo!  One bag of sand and a little DE (diatomaceous earth) to prevent mites and the girls have a new sand box that should stay dry and leaf litter free.

I've also put it in the one spot that gets sun year round in their run so if they don't want to dust bath in it, they can nap on the edge which should warm up nicely in the sun.  Once the rain stops, I can move their feeder a tad further away.


  1. I have seen alot of different ideas, but I do like the tire. I had some flowers in an old tire that the hens decided was a nice dusting place. Destroyed my cannas, but at least they were happy.


  2. I think my girls are still scared of the tire. They are so suspicious of new things in their run. But in time, I'm hoping they learn to love it.