Sunday, July 3, 2011


With a title like that, you are probably thinking I won the lottery or something.  But for the chickens, it's even better.  It's a wheat grass sprouting kit.  Specifically, the Eggcellent Sprouting and Grass Kit from Treats for Chickens.

There's a woman on Cape Cod who has a few hens in her back yard and has a set up very similar to mine.  She also has two Buff Orpinton's like my Ginger and is just a wealth of information.

So she blogged about this place, which ironically, is not too far from where I live in California, and was going to draw a name to give away one of these kits.  And if she didn't draw my name as the winner.

I've been trying different ways to grow wheat grass for my girls with limited success.  I tried growing it in a flat.  But it took FOREVER, needed to be watered twice a day, and once they got their feet on it, it was destroyed in about an hour.

I tried growing wheat grass in a larger pot thinking it would develop a deeper root system and stand up to their feet, but no.  They did just as much damage to the large pot as they did to these flats.  And the pot was HEAVY to move into and out of their run.

I tried growing wheat grass in a plastic container on the counter in the kitchen but there really is a fine balance to how much water they want. And since the seeds were sitting in water in the plastic container, it just smelled awful.  I wasn't going to feed that to my girls.

So this kit has a similar plastic container, only it has ridges on the bottom so they seeds are not sitting in water, but rather up on the ridges.  And the excess water drains out through a small valve.

And all three of my girls LOVE wheat grass.  Especially, Coco.  I'm still trying to make sure she gets as much protein as much as possible since she's still growing.  But I don't want to deprive them of the things they love either.

So a big thank you to Tilly's Nest for hosting the give away and to Treats For Chickens for the prize!!!
Coco, Pumpkin and Ginger send a big thank you too.

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