Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pumpkin Lays her 100th Egg!

Now if that isn't cause for celebration, I don't know what is.

We have a nick name for Pumpkin, "The Producer."  Actually, we have a number of nicknames for her.  But The Producer fits her the best.  I probably get a green egg from her 13 days out of 14.  And she lays an egg the same size as Coco.  You are thinking, yea so, what's the big deal.  The deal is that Pumpkin probably weighs a little over two pounds and Coco tips the scales at over seven pounds.

But today's posting is all about Pumpkin.  I haven't bought them crickets in a while because they've been finding plenty of tasty treats in the big garden when I let them out.  And my meal worm farm is coming along.  But I have to admit, I'm surprised at how slowly these guys mature.  They are big enough today for the girls to spot and eat.  But they are not much of a treat.  So I'm holding out a few more weeks till I have big, fat meal worms to tempt them.

So I bought 100 crickets today and we had a big old party on the patio tonight.  Pumpkin is finally starting to mellow out and knows that my hands hold tasty treats.  She use to just run in fear if I held my hand out to her.  I'm still not sure if she sees or if she hears as well as her sisters do.  And she was always getting the short end at treat time.  But not tonight.  I made sure she got more than her fare share tonight.  And all three girls have gone off to bed with tummies so full, well, they simply look funny.

We love you Pumpkin and your pretty green eggs.  Happy 100 Pumpkin!


  1. Congratulations, Pumpkin, you good girl!
    I completely understand your excitement, Flock Mistress!
    Live crickets are best reward, my girls love them.

  2. Thanks Maryann. Good times were had by all. And the other girls are not too far behind her on the 100th egg list so I think more crickets will be in their future.

  3. Congrats! Way to go Pumpkin! Woohoo! Cricket party!

  4. Thanks Joan. I had just as much fun at the cricket party as they did so I think we'll have another one for Coco and Ginger when they hit their 100th too.