Sunday, July 31, 2011

Egg Count

I thought I was doing a good job keeping up with my egg count on my blog.  But today, that all went out the window.

All my girls seem to be on a 26 hour schedule.  So their eggs come just a bit later each day.  I'll get an egg late from them, say around 6pm one day.  Then they typically will take the next day as a vacation day, and then the following day, they will lay early in the morning.  And the cycle repeats with the eggs coming later and later each day as the week progresses.

Pumpkin and Coco took yesterday off so I knew their eggs would come early today.  And sure enough, when I got home, there was a brown Coco egg and a green Pumpkin egg waiting for me.  And Ginger was sitting in a nest box.  So I let the other two out for some garden time.

I can tell Coco's eggs from Ginger's because Coco usually puts dark brown speckles all over her eggs.  But today, Ginger put dark brown speckles all over her egg.

So now I have no idea at all how accurate my egg count is for Coco and Ginger.  It really doesn't matter.  It's a journey.  Not a race.  But I do like to give proper credit where credit is due.  And as they approach the 100 egg mark, I guess we'll probably just roll their individual celebrations into one big cricket party for the girls.

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