Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Would you like a Cricket with your Pedicure?

Yes, you read that correctly!

The girls have such muddy feet from all the rain we've had.  I put a layer of leaves in their run to give them some protection.  But of course, they dig through the leaves to get to the dirt, and as a result, they get pretty dirty.  I can ignore the dirty feet but Poppy had it all the way up her legs.  So I filled up a container with some warm water and took it out to the run.

Poppy is a challenge to catch.  She doesn't like it.  But what's ironic, is as soon as I catch her and stroke her, she calms right down and settles down into my lap.  She'll even eat right out of my hand from my lap.  Go figure.

So I put her into the tub of warm water and she thought that was pretty nice and stood there calmly.  I had to rub a bit to get it all off.  She was fine with the all that but did not like having her feed dried with the towel.

A few crickets and a sprig of parsley (her new favorite treat) and she was off to tell the other girls all about spa day.

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  1. That is a riot. Have you ever had to cut their nails? We have found that their nails get way too long, and we have had to clip the ends off. It went okay but I accidentally made one of them bleed. Have you ever had any problems with this or have any suggestions? Thanks.