Saturday, April 30, 2016

One week old babies

What a difference one week makes.  I can already see that the babies are getting bigger.  I wish I had weighed one last week to see how much bigger they are just a week later.

I put them in the dog crate and took them outside for a bit today.  It was sunny and warm and I want the big girls to get to know them too.  I stayed close as they can still squeeze through the gaps on the dog crate.  I think by next weekend, they won't fit through any more and I can relax a little more.

But there were two Coopers Hawks circling over the garden the whole time the hens were out.  I'm sure they are feeding young this time of the year and that makes me nervous to have the hens outside.

Penny is the black one on the left.  She's got the most adorable white, fluffy bottom.

One of the BO's is whiter than the others.  She's Daisy.  But I still can't tell the other three from one another yet.

Oh, that face!

I love Penny's back and blond face.  Even her beak is black on top and blond on the bottom.

Already their little tails are starting to grow.

This is Bella.  I'm already in love with her feathers.

And at one week of age, they figured out what that saucer of sand/dirt in the corner of their run was for.  They had the best time dust bathing together.  Hard to imagine that in just a few weeks, not even one of them will fit in this tiny saucer.


  1. Oh they are just so adorable. So much cuteness! I just love Penny's two tone face and fluffy bottom. They grow so quickly at this stage.

  2. Thank you. I was really bummed that I didn't have a broody to raise them. But now I'm kind of glad. I can step out of the kitchen into the garage when ever I want to visit them. They are so cute.