Sunday, April 24, 2016


Losing Pickles was really rough.  But as the saying goes, life goes on.  I knew I wanted to get more babies.  The challenge was working it into my busy schedule.

I was hoping to get Black Astralorps.  I love, love, love my Buff Orpingtons, but I feel like they just don't live as long as some other breeds.  I did a ton of research on hens that are quiet, docile, but still good layers.  Can tolerate some heat and generally get along with everyone without being a bully.  And Black Astralorps seemed to fit that bill.

But when I called around to find some, I was going to be a least a month before anyone had some locally.  When I called my favorite feed store, she said they wouldn't have any until June.  And out of the blue she said, "But we're getting a big shipment of Buff Orpingtons in on Saturday."  And I knew it was a sign.

So I picked up four BO's and then found out they had Cochins.  So I also got one black and one partridge Cochin for a total of 6 babies.

Three of the four Buff Orpington's peeking out from under their electric hen.

The Partridge Cochin is on the left and the Black is on the right.

Eating is a group sport.

This was the best group shot I could get. They were really shy the first day home.  These little guys go through a lot after hatching to get to their home.  Already today, they are so much more active. 


  1. Oh, they are just so sweet. What a lovely little bundle of chicks. I can't wait to watch them grow up.

  2. I know! Me too. They are already changing. They run right up to my hand if I put it in the brooder and let me pick them up. They they are not so sure they like it. But they are so tiny and soft that I can't help myself.