Monday, December 12, 2011

Solving issues one at a time...

I took the peeper off Coco Saturday.  I just couldn't take it.  Her whole personality had changed.  She was so sad and forlorn.  Yes, it prevented her from pecking at Ginger.  But that was really driven over the fact that I was over treating them.  Cease with the treats, and that problem goes away.

Well, Coco also likes to peck Ginger off the roosting bar.  And the peeper didn't really help with that.  Because Coco knew that Ginger was right there just a few feet away.  So she'd lumbar down the roosting bar like a gymnast down the balancing beam right for Ginger and drive her off.

So I wondered, if I divided the roosting bar in half with something so they couldn't see each other, would that work.  And I think it just might.  I didn't get home in time to watch them go to bed tonight.  But they are exactly as this photo shows them from last night.  Coco on her side and Ginger on the other with the cardboard divider in the middle.

If you look closely, you'll see a flat piece of cardboard wedged up in the hen house.
Poor Ginger was first sleeping on the wood jump block to the left.  And then went over to one of the nests.
But you could see her urgent desire to be up on the roosting bar.
The chick continue to grow every day.  But it will still be months before they are big enough to roost with Coco and Ginger.  So enjoy your separate rooms while you have them girls.  Cuz the youngsters are growing up big and strong and they're gonna wanna roost with you before you know it.

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