Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet the Babies

They are bundles of cuteness.  And very happy.  I don't think my last batch of chicks were this content.

Their Flock Mistress, however,  is a nervous wreck.

It's dipping into the 30's here.  I'll pause for the laughter I'm getting from everyone who reads my blog except for my friend, T, who lives in Hawaii.

They seem to be fine under their heat lamp.  And I don't seem to have any trouble keeping one corner of their brooder at 95 degrees.  But I think I've driven my husband absolutely nuts with all of my worries.  What if the power goes out?  What if the heat lamp bulb blows in the middle of the night?  What if, what if, what if?  I can see why people love, love, love their broody hens who raise their babies for them.

Day 1 - SERIOUSLY, LADY!  We hatch.  Our mama is no where to be found.  We get vaccinated, shoved in a box and shipped off to this store.  We're just getting comfortable when you come along and put us BACK in a box and drive us an hour away and put us into, what I have to admit is a beautiful brooder complete with holiday lights strung around the top.  We're just getting warmed back up and NOW YOU WANT PHOTOS?  Well, stink eye and bird butt is all you're getting.  HRUMPH!
Day 2 - Com'on Girls, let's go check out the water-cooler.


  1. To keep myself from checking on chicks every 15 minutes I brood them beside my bed. LOL.

    That is only if they are bantams and less then 6. The bigger ones get a temperature sensor in the brooder that sends the temp to the thermometer on my nightstand. This one is really cheap from walmart, but works from 50 feet in the outside brooder.


  2. Soooo cute.....I completely understand your anxiety, but you're doing fine.
    Keep us updated!!!!

  3. @ Foothill. That's a great idea about the remote temp. My worry is that I work during the day. So a lot can happen. But it's been clear and calm weather. Not the kind of stuff that makes the power go out so every day I can relax a bit more.

  4. Thanks Maryann. I'm setting into a groove w/ them and each day is easier. They are already sprouting tiny tail feathers. They grow up SOOOOOOO quickly. So just a few more weeks and I think I'll be able to really relax.