Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coco knows her name

I apologize for not blogging for a bit.  I just got busy with other things.

But things are good here.  The girls are finally all beginning to get along.  Which is a very welcome change.  I feel like the past 5 months of my life has been consumed with raising chicks and flock integration.

Each of the babies now lays eggs.  Which means I need to stop calling them babies.  So we'll call them the Bunkies.

The Bunkies LOVE their new house.  Which we call the Bunk House.  I swear they know I bought that special for them.  They are just so cute when they go in there and all snuggle together.

The big girls spent some time investigating this new house, but they still go to sleep in their hen house, the Spice Cabinet.

What's weird, is they like to lay their eggs in each other's house.  Today, I came home to find one of the Bunkies egg's laid in Coco's nest.  Which is kind of scary.  Coco is VERY possessive of her nest.  Not to mention, Coco is a BIG chicken and there's really no way that two chickens can fit into one nest.

And the Bunkies are not small chickens either.  They each weigh about 5 1/2 lbs which is a whole pound more than Ginger.  Ginger still likes to peck at them but it's nowhere near as vicious as it was previously.  And I keep telling her to stop that.  Because one of these days, those BIG Bunkies are going to realize that they are much bigger than her and peck her back.  Oh my.

I did have a conversation with a co-worker who did not believe me that Coco knows her name and comes when I call her.  So I made a little video to show that Coco does INDEED know her name.  Enjoy.


  1. Of course she knows here name! Chickens are much smarter than most people think. Lulu knows her name although she doesn't always come running. She will acknowledge me by answering my call.

  2. So cute....made me smile this morning!!!

  3. All my chickens know thier names. Alot of people think chickens are dumb birds. They just haven't taken the time to know them. We all know better ;)

  4. LOVE the video!!! So cute and the waddle just makes the video as she not walks but RUNS to you. Coco, you are one adorable henny girl! ~Melissa P.S. Your yard is lovely.

  5. Thank you all for your sweet comments. I must remember to tidy up the yard before I take photos or video tape. I'm embarrassed that all my planting supplies were out. I guess I'll have to film it again. It's quite funny, she usually just pops up to answer me the first time I call her and only comes when I call her again. It's like she's saying, "Me? Are you calling me? I'M COMING!!!"