Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Raining It's Pouring

And you are thinking, yea, so?  But you must understand.  I live in California.  Sunny California.  It doesn't rain here in the summer.  It just doesn't.  EVER!  I mean, you can go back through the history books and find a random day of rain here and there.  More like a heavy mist.  But measurable rain in June.  Unheard of.

So when the weatherman said this morning that we might have a chance of showers in the North Bay, I ignored it.  I'm 100 miles south of the North Bay region of the state.  Besides, it was sunny and clear.

Well, was I wrong, wrong, wrong.  Cuz by noon, it was getting dark and by 2pm it was pouring.  Not misting.  Not drizzling.  Not even a steady rain.  It was a full on downpour that lasted hours.  Needless to say, I got soaked coming home from work today in my dry clean only outfit and peep-toe sling backs.

And speaking of shoes, I came home to find my girls had on their rain shoes and were ready for their  free range time in my garden.  And there must have been some good eats out there because I can usually entice them to come back into their run by shaking some BOSS in a plastic container.  But no such luck tonight.  The girls were just stuffed full of good eats.

Ginger Bug w/ her mud shoes on ready for garden action.

Pumpkin with her muff and beard all wet from playing in the garden.

And here's Coco adding another layer of mud to her feet.

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