Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"BAWK - Take me to your Leader"

Let's go meet the new mascot would probably be more appropriate.

It's not enough to have live chickens.  You have to hang framed drawings of chickens, have kitchenware with chickens on them, decorative chickens tucked into corners of the house and metal chickens decorating the garden.

The girls got a new addition to the garden today and came out to meet her.  It's got some sharp edges so I won't put it inside their run.  But they can come visit her in the main garden when I let them out for a bit in the evenings to visit.

Coco is inspecting their new mascot thinking, I'm the Alpha Hen.  Got that!

It does resemble Ginger in a way.

The only way I could get the girls to pose with their new leader was to put out a flat of wheat grass.

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